Friday, 1 July 2011

Summer catch up

The weather is finally starting to get warmer around here!  Lila might be able to get some wear out of her summer clothes yet.  I was starting to worry she was going to outgrow all her pretty summer dresses before it got warm enough for her to wear them!

I haven't written in awhile.  I'm not sure what I have been busy doing...

Our TapRoot box this week contained a whole bunch of delicious and wonderful items, one of them being rhubarb!  I have a new found love of rhubarb.  My father gave me a bite of rhubarb pie when I was probably about 4 years old and I gagged on it and then I didn't eat rhubarb again until probably a year ago. NOw, I love it, especially with strawberries.  Anyway, we also got some delicious fresh valley strawberries so I decided to make a strawberry-rhubarb crisp.  I found this recipe online and I made it. It was very very yummy, the perfect blend of sweet and tart. It wasn't however very crispy.  It all juiced over the top and was kind of soggy.  But I admit I ate it and loved every bite!

I have a confession to make. I like chocolate with my popcorn.  I prefer Smarties or M&Ms because they don't melt all over the popcorn due to their hard candy coating.  Chocolate chips can be a little messier, but they work.  I had this as my snack during our movie night the other night.

 We watched Red Riding Hood (my choice) and Piranha (J's choice). Oh well, I'll watch pretty much anything if I can eat popcorn and chocolate while doing so!

Today was Canada Day.  We started the day today by finding this spectacular moth on our deck.  Somehow it managed to get into our screen room... probably through the open roof that hasn't been finished yet.....

We packed a picnic lunch and headed to the valley.  The plan was to go to TapRoot's family farm day so we could really see where all our awesome produce is coming from.  Of course by the time we actually got in the car we were running late and were too late to make it for the farm tour so we decided not to go, we just drove by and took a peak instead of going in.  We also went to Fox Hill Cheese House and got some yummy smoked gouda, some fresh cheese curds and sampled lots of different cheese and some gelato.  We also went to Hennigars Farm Market and picked up some fresh tea biscuits, a small jug of apple cider, some local peas and a bog of freshly made apple cider sugar donuts (SO GOOD!).  We then headed out to Blomidon Provincial Park for a picnic lunch.

And a stroll on the beach.

We didn't swim, even though the tide was in.

And played in the waterfall.

It was cold.

We got loaded back into the car and Lila had a chat with her friend.

We stopped at the look off to catch a quick view of the valley and for a photo op of course!

I love the valley.  It was a great day!!!!

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