Friday, 3 June 2011


You may remember in one of my very first posts there was a picture of a box of rhubarb plants that my mother had dug up from her garden for me to plant.  I don't yet have a vegetable garden established at our house so this rhubarb will be the beginnings!  

Here the plants are.... still in the box.  Good thing these are hardy!

I put on my special gardening/frog catching boots.  Nice aren't they?

Lila and I wandered the perimeter of the yard (we're starting to learn math language at an early age), to find the perfect spot to put the rhubarb.  J doesn't want anything against the house because he says it promotes mold growth.  I'm not sure that would really happen but I took his word for it. We found a good spot along the side of the house that gets lots of sunlight but is tucked away off the lawn so that J doesn't accidentally mow over it with his ride on tractor.

Lila got comfy in her bumbo chair.

I took a picture of her foot, because she has really cute feet!

Then I started digging.  I think I chose the rock graveyard because I continuously dug up rock after rock after rock.  But finally I was ready to put the plants in the ground.

I dumped some water on them and covered them over with soil.  

 Lila supervised the whole process and made sure to keep an eye on Bailey as well.  Plus she was busy being Batman.

I can't wait until I can make lost and lots of rhubarb desserts next year when the rhubarb is ready for harvesting!  Next gardening project - the hanging herb garden!

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